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To estimate the Monthly Service fee to make your pool a healthy one, please fill out the form below. Although we service commercial pools also, this estimator is for residential pools only

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PD: This estimator is intended to be used as a time-saving tool only. All estimates are subject to change based on the on-site estimate performed by a member of our staff prior to service agreement. We reserve the right to reject service to locations outside our service area.

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A Right

​Our pool experts count on classroom knowledge, training, and years of experience in order to offer the best pool service possible. 

In addition, it is our practice to not only use the correct products but also to adapt them to conform to your individual needs.

Full Service

This service is performed every week and includes the following:

  • Brush walls and floor of pool

    Brushing your swimming pool walls and floor are key in removing dirt and debris and any algae spores trying to gain a foothold on your vessel's walls

  • Vacuum clean

    A pool vacuum is used to clean pool water and remove calcium deposits caused by high alkalinity and high pH levels buildup on pool surfaces.

  • Skim pool

    Pool skimming implies cleaning various debris from the pool, such as leaves, flowers, insects, hair, etc. It’s an essential step to keep the pool water clean and ready for the next swim

  • Clean skimmer basket

    Cleaning the skimmer regularly is important to the overall maintenance of your swimming pool. Clogged baskets make your pump have to work harder to try to cycle the water

  • Clean water pump basket

    Cleaning and inspecting your pump basket should be on your weekly pool to-do list because your pump has to work harder to cycle the pools water when the basket is clogged with leaves and debris.

  • Clean filter as necessary.

    A properly functioning and a clean filter is necessary to keep your pool swim safely this season

  • Clean tiles

    While having your own backyard swimming pool or spa is a serious perk, they also come with plenty of regular maintenance in order to remain in tip-top shape

  • Check on entire pool system

    A pool check valve is a backflow prevention device that is installed in the plumbing lines of your pool. Its main purpose is to keep water from flowing back into your pool system

  • Clean salt cells (salt system pool)

    For salt pool owners, scale build-up is one of the most common challenges. This is because scale typically forms in hard-to-see places first, including the cell plates.

  • Balance your pool to a healthy pool

    Keeping your pool water balanced is critical to ensure a safe and healthy swimming environment. But it’s not as simple as just making sure you have chlorine.